Thursday, 2 June 2011

Winter Wonderland Bloghop and help for commenting issues

If you are looking for the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop post please click here.  This post will stay at the top until the end of the hop on 2nd June at 5pm.

I was having some problems leaving comments as I know many of you are too. I seem to have solved this in 2 ways.

If the comment box won't open, click it and press control and alt at the same time. If you are asked to sign in then uncheck the stay signed in box. You will then be able to comment as yourself, not anonymous, and you will stay signed in. Please leave me a comment if this has helped you.


Louise said...

Hi Marianne

Yes it works, thanks so much. I will pass this info on as many people are having problems.

Marie / Legojenta said...

Thanks for this info, it sure did fix everything again =)

Il Gufo e La Mucca said...

oh my gosh.... THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! it finally works!!!
I will post this on my blog and link it to your post!!!!

darling Ho said...

Oh~~ I can leave comment!!
Thanks for the great blog hop.:)
~darling Ho~

sallysbitz said...

I did not use your info coz I just read it LOL, BUT I found downloading Google Chrome helped me.

A problem I have found today is that the blogs I have visited including yours... the 'followers' logo is there, but pictures of followers and no button to become a follower.

I have done a blog post for this and I am not alone !!!!! sooo annoying & hope it gets sorted soon, especially as I wanted to do some blog hops!

hugs sally x

Knerten said...

Yes, it works, thanks so much Marianne !! I have taken the liberty to translate your explanation into Norwegian on my blog, linking back to you. Hope this is ok :-))

Pauline said...

Thanks for leaving your link at For Fun Challenges.... I'll share this info with the Design Team. I tried a comment on an entry, and oddly enough it didn't ask me to sign in - 25 minutes ago, it had me sign in, and still had me as anon, not allowing me comments. I downloaded Google Chrome a few days ago, and have not had problems commenting/editing blogger at all ... only when using IE8. Thanks for your help!
hugs from Australia

foxyenglishcrafter said...

Thank you for this information. It has helped me a great deal not just on blogger but on other sites where i had ticked a box to stay signed in but was having problems with ordering crafting items. So thanks for sharing

Hope there will be no other issues as it drives me nuts when i can't do what i want to do.

Happy crafting

nicky said...

Hello thanks for the info and great blog

Sandy O said...

My Gosh!!! It worked. I have been having the problem for about a week now and have so many blogs I need to go back and comment on. Thank you so very much for posting this, hugs, Sandy O