Monday, 20 September 2021

Two peas

I was asked to make a card using this photo. The friend who ordered it has a joke with her best friend about being teo peas in a pod and she bought her these socks. I immediately thought of the LOTV baby image of 2 peas in a pod so used that as well. I coloured it with Copics and added the sentiment on the laptop.  The papers are MFT. I found the patterned roses in my stash which I bought in America a few years ago, added some leaves from Hobbycraft and cherry blossom flowers from Wild Orchid.  She is delighted with the card thank goodness.

I have noticed how blogging is dropping off even further.  Many of my crafting friends have either given up cardmaking or are still making cards but not blogging.  My visitors and comments are way down compared to 10 years ago.  I know commenting takes time so I really appreciate those who take time to comment.  I sometimes wonder whether to continue as I get a lot of likes and comments on Facebook which is much quicker to use.  However not all my crafting friends use Facebook and I do like the record of everything on my blog so I shall continue for now at least.

A busy week ahead.  We should have had new worktops and tiles in our kitchen last week but the kitchen fitter caught Covid so had to isolate until tomorrow. Apart from headaches and tiredness he felt ok. He thinks he got it from his children once they went back to school as other parents caught it too.  So all the kitchen cupboards have to be emptied, what a joy. The painter is coming next week.  Graham has done the door frames and will be painting the doors but the decorator will be doing the skirting boards, ceiling and walls.  It will be nice when it is all done.


meg said...

A fun card Marianne

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the same thing about blogging but like you say not everyone is on FB. Don't lose heart, even though I don't comment everyday I do visit the blog as I like your style.

Liz said...

Brilliant card Marianne, perfect for the recipient.
I’ve noticed too that comments on my blog have dropped off over the years. As well as Facebook, I think a lot of people are using Instagram. Personally, I much prefer blogging as a way of keeping a record of what I make.
Hope your kitchen gets finished soon. xx

Christine Dol said...

Hello Marianne...
I think you have nailed it with your card! You have personalized it so well.
I have noticed the same thing about blogging...I have been bad about gets in the way and then on the weekends it is catch up with chores! Please don't give up on blogging. I feel it is a way to have a connection with other bloggers that love to do the same thing. Every morning before work I see what you have been up to. Look at it this is like a little club. The group may not be big but we still gather here! Do you ever think about instagram. Another blogger talked me into it and it is good too.
LOVE coming Marianne..keep on crafting!

brenda said...

Fun card Marianne.

I know where you are coming from with Blogging, I did think a year or two back it definitely dropped off, but this year seems busier, could of course be to do with lockdowns etc. I don't do FB, I find it rather bland compared with blogs as I do like seeing what people have used and done on their work.

B x

Stamps and Paper said...

Hi Marianne...she you're right blogging does seem to be dropping you say more people are using facebook instead of blogs...hope you get your kitchen sorted out soon..your lovely card has given me an idea....!!


Magic Maggie said...

I think you are in the right place gal! You ALWAYS do lovely cards/embroidery etc. I think you are amazing and often have to look really hard at your images to work out how you've done 'em!
When I had my kitchen done a couple of years ago, I treated it as a camping exercise and set up a 'field kitchen' in the dining room. It was only the washing up which was a bit tricky - had to use the bath (hot water). Takeaways are useful.
Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Marianne, what a super card, I love how you've tied it all together, fabulous design.
What a pity about your cupboards, I hope it all goes well eventually.
Now this is exactly what I've been thinking, there has been some of my posts that have low comments, I know I've lost a couple of friends and the reason for that, but I don't know where the others have gone. I wondered if most people just comment on cards and are not keen on the coloured pages.
I only do FB for the coloured pages on the Artist's pages. Like you, it's a record of what I've made and I do like the connection with you all, it is time consuming though, but I'll keep with it for now, Kate x

Sandra H said...

This is just so lovely x

Jackie T said...

Hi your card is gorgeous. I love it. I hope your kitchen is finished soon. I am still blogging though I have just had a little break. There is quite a lot to deal with on the home front at the moment. Have a good week. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Carol S. said...

I know I don't post every day or every week but I do like to go on my followers blogs to leave a message every day. I had last year, decided to take down my blog, but a friend talked me into staying on!! I was also not having many messages this year. Sometimes I might get 18-19 and then only 9-12. I only have under 100 followers but only a very small fraction bother to come on my blog.
But I must say I love your card and the Two Peas in the pod are so cute and the pretty flowers too.
Hugs, Carol

Chrissy said...

Fabulous idea and card Marianne, don't you love it when those ideas just pop in your head..I love those patterned roses too, beautiful..yes, blogging has dropped off, with DT and friends and then Facebook commenting does take up a huge amount of time and sometimes I only get around once a week..DT comments everyday makes it a lot quicker though, early morning for me when commenting everyone else..I will keep my blog.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

A lovely personalised card, the roses match beautifully to the colour palette. It's always great to hear that the recipient loved what you have created for them as everyone has a different style.
I have definitely had issues with blogging this past year, time constraints mean I don't get to visit and comment on others blogs as often as I'd like, but I try. Although I use FB I enjoy reading others blog posts much more.

pinky said...

Wow you did an excellent job with this one Marianne, I am sure they loved it!! Yes blogging is very up and down. Challenge blogs close but more are still opening so I will continue to support them and as you say it's nice to have a record of everything on blogger. I am on fb too but I don't like it as much.

aussie aNNie said...

Gorgeous card, love the image and beautiful colours. Sorry MIA have a few dramas on the home front..xx
I will not stop blogging and love to visit my friends and keep in touch. xx